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Service & maintenance

Ensures optimal operation and long life of your Ammongas plant

“Together, we will work towards highest possible uptime at the lowest energy cost”
Erik Forfs, Head of Service

Service & maintenance

The acquisition of an upgrading plant marks the beginning of a new chapter regarding the daily operation and changes in priorities.

As a plant owner, it is important to have considered and planned the future operation and maintenance to ensure a stable operation. Correct maintenance has a huge influence on the operation.

At Ammongas, we take pride in keeping the plants operational 24/7. It is of uppermost importance to us, that the upgrading plant is well taken care of after the transfer. Consequently, we have developed a service agreement so that you, as a customer, and Ammongas can be sure that the upgrading plant is maintained and fully functional.

Correct maintenance:

Ensures maximum up-time

Ensures coverage by the warranty in the full period on all components

Ensures that all safety functions work correctly

Can prolong the life of components

Provides optimal operational economy

Advantages of a service agreement

  • Quick help to troubleshoot any operational problems.
  • Coordination of service plan and planning of down-time in relation to maintenance.
  • Continuous improvements: If our R&D department develops new technology, which can, e.g., prolong the life or ensure higher up-time or efficiency, you will be the first in line to have these improvements implemented.

How it could be

  • Inspection and counselling: Owner takes care of operation and maintenance, and Ammongas helps and supports as required.
  • Planned maintenance: Owner takes care of operation, and Ammongas is responsible for maintenance.

Upon conclusion of a service agreement, the service visits are coordinated with the plant owner, and a plan for maintenance for the next two years is made.

No matter what agreement is chosen, our support team is ready to help 24/7.

It is also possible to buy a service agreement for scrubbers, carbon filters, and other installations, delivered by Ammongas.