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Press Release

Ammongas appoints new CEO

May 27, 2024

New CEO in Ammongas appointed by Board of Directors. The new CEO Jaime Casasus-Bribian is set to further the integration of Ammongas in European Energy and drive forward the strategic growth of the company.

Copenhagen, Denmark, 27 May, 2024 – The Board of Directors in Ammongas has appointed Jaime Casasus-Bribian as the new CEO of the company. This strategic leadership change aims to strengthen Ammongas’ market presence and enhance its integration with the European Energy portfolio.

Jaime Casasus-Bribian has been Deputy CEO of Ammongas since November 2023 and is a part of the Board of Directors in Ammongas. He is also Director and Head of Project Development for Power-to-X in the Americas, Iberia and Australia in European Energy. His experience is expected to help drive Ammongas’ strategy forward, focusing on consolidating Ammongas’ current position in key markets, as well as fostering growth and market penetration in key regions, including Denmark, North America, Germany and Sweden, among others.

“Jaime Casasus-Bribian’s expertise will be important in navigating Ammongas through its current challenges. His leadership will utilize our technical and engineering strengths to develop the company’s position in biogas, carbon capture and utilization solutions,” said Jens-Peter Zink, Chair of the Board of Directors at Ammongas.

Former CEO Michael Demuth Pedersen will continue with Ammongas as Chief Technical Officer. Michael Demuth Pedersen’s technical skills remain valuable to the company, and this transition will allow him to focus on his areas of expertise, ensuring the company’s technical operations remain strong.

“Ammongas has significant potential, and to fully utilize our expertise, we need to further drive our integration with European Energy. This process will ensure that the solutions Ammongas has delivered, and will continue to deliver, are effectively integrated with European Energy,” stated Jaime Casasus-Bribian, CEO of Ammongas.

This change in leadership underscores Ammongas’ commitment to innovation and excellence in the field of sustainable energy solutions.

Ammongas is a part of European Energy and are providing solutions for biogas upgrading, CO2 polishing and liquefaction and carbon capture.



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